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General Year Information

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Chassis Information

  • Wheelbase: Series 40: 121-1/2 inches; Series 50: 121-1/2 inches (except Model 52, which was 125.5 inches); Series 70: 126-1/4 inches (except Models 72 and 72R which were 130-1/4 inches).
  • Overall length: Series 40: 204 inches. Series 50: 209-1/2 inches (except Model 52, 213-1/2 inches); Series 70: 214-7/8 inches (except Models 72 and 72R 217-1/2 inches.
  • Front tread: Series 40: 59.1 inches; Series 50 & 70: 59-1/8 inches.
  • Rear tread: Series 40: 62.2 inches; Series 50 & 70: 62-2/3 inches.
  • Tires: Series 40 & 50: 7.60 x 15; Series 70: 8.00 x 15.

Models Offered

Buick Special – Series 40 –
The new Special was Introduced as late a 1949 style. This was the first Special with postwar styling beginning in 1950. Most prominent was the cars “bucktooth” grille, consisting of a series of bumper guards. Special Series cars had three rectangular Ventiports on each hood side. A unique feature of the cars released in late 1949 was that the hood was opened through a Ventiport key and slot system; 1950 production cars had inside hood releases. Specials had no side body moldings.

Special Deluxe models had plusher interiors, a full-length body side molding, bright window outlines and “Special” in script on the front fenders. They were indicated by the code “D” in the model number.

Buick Super – Series 50 –
The Super shared all other Series’  all-bumper guard grille, and offered more rounded styling. “Super” in script appeared on front fenders, just above the full-length lower body side molding. A new, long wheelbase sedan featured a plusher interior than other Supers, which normally had cloth interiors of finer material than the Special. Supers had three Ventiports on each hood side. The Model 56C convertible had leather power seats plus power windows and top.
Buick Roadmaster – Series 70 –
Buick’s senior line always featured larger engines and plusher interior trims than comparable Super models, and were readily identified by the four Ventiports on the hood sides. “Roadmaster” in script was found above the full-length body side molding on Roadmasters. The cars with  “Sweepspear side moldings had “Roadmaster” in script engraved in the upper body trim strip behind the door trim (except on the Model 79 and 72R which received the Sweepspear mid-year). Deluxe models had plusher interiors and hydraulic window and seat controls. They were identified by an ‘X’ suffix in their style numbers.


Buick Special Engine: In-line Eight cylinder: Overhead valve. Cast iron block. Displacement: 248.0 cubic inches. Bore and stroke: 3-3/32 x 3-1/8 inches. Compression ratio: 6.3:1. Horespower: 110 @ 3600 R.P.M. Five main bearings. Mechanical valve lifters. Carburetor: Stromberg AA UVB 267 #380309 or Carter 725 and 782.
Buick Super Engine: In-line Eight cylinder:: Overhead valve. Cast iron block. Displacement: 263.3 cubic inches. Bore and stroke: 3-3/16 x 4-1 /8 inches. Compression ratio: 6.6:1. Horsepower: 124 @ 3600 R.P.M. Five main bearings. Carburetor: Stromberg AA UVB #380309 or Carter 725 and 782.
Buick Roadmaster Engine: In-line Eight cylinder:: Overhead valve. Cast iron block. Displacement: 320.2 cubic inches. Bore and stroke: 3-7/16 x 4-5/16. Compression ratio: 6.9:1. Horsepower: 152 @ 3600 R.P.M. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetor: Stromberg AAVG-267 #380258 or Carter 726.

Engine Options and Availability

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Power Train Options

  • Three-speed manual transmission standard on Series 40 and 50.
  • Dynaflow drive standard on Series 70, optional on Series 40 and 50. Series 40 cars so equipped had 6.9:1 compression ratio, 120 horsepower motors: Series 50 cars with Dynaflow had 6.9:1 compression ratio and 124 horsepower.

Body Paint Color Codes

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Other Significant Options

  • Parking brake release warning light.
  • Cushion toppers.
  • License frames.
  • Handy-Mats.
  • Visor vanity mirror.
  • Took kit.
  • Full wheel covers (standard on Series 70).
  • “Breeze-Ease” draft deflectors.
  • Outside rear view mirror.
  • Safety Spotlite with mirror.
  • Multi-purpose trouble lamp.
  • Tissue dispenser.
  • Glare-proof inside rear view mirror.
  • Seat covers.
  • All-rubber floor mat.
  • Auxiliary driving lamps.
  • Exhaust pipe trim.
  • Polish cloth kit.

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