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General Year Information

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: The Cadillac Series 62 Sedan DeVille four-door hardtop and Eldorado SeVille two-door hardtop were introduced to the public almost a month earlier than other models – on October 24, 1955. The remaining cars in the line were introduced on November 18. On Aug. 5, 1956 the division announced the purchase of the former Hudson Motor Car plant on Detroit’s east end.

PRODUCTION: Total 1956 model year output reached 155,577 up from 140,777 units the previous year and another new record high for Cadillac Division. 1956 sales records moved Cadillac from 10th to 9th position in the American sales race.  See attached chart for Production Figures.

Chassis Information

  • Wheelbase: Series 62 129.0″, Series 60S 133.0″,  Series 75 149.8″. The commercial Series 75 chassis utilized a 158″ wheelbase. This was provided for construction of funeral cars, ambulances, etc.
  • Overall length: Series Sedan 214.9″, All other Series 62 221.9″ Eldorado 222.2″ Series 60S 225.9″, Series 75 235.7″
  • Front tread: All – 60.0″.
  • Rear tread: All – 63.1″.
  • Tires: Series 75 8.20 x 15 black wall, Eldorado 8.20 x 15 whitewalls, All Others 8.00 x 15.

Models Offered

SERIES 62 V-8: On the rear side fenders of Series 62 models a narrow chrome molding and nine vertical louvers were seen. The Coupe DeVille had a model nameplate and Cadillac crest on the sides of the front fenders, while the more standard cars had only the crest.
As usual, the standard four-door 62 sedan was seven inches shorter than the other cars in the same series.
ERIES 62 ELDORADO V-8: On the Eldorado coupe and convertible – the latter now known as the Biarritz, an “Eldorado” in script along with with a fender crest were found on the front fender, above and behind the wheel opening. All Eldorados featured a twin-fin hood ornament. Other extras on these specialty cars were a ribbed chrome saddle molding extending from the windshield to the rear window pillar along the beltline, a distinctive rear fender design with twin round taillights halfway up the fenders, and pointed tailfins similar to the ’55 car. Both cars in the Eldorado sub-series were slightly longer than the ’55 convertible.
SERIES 60S FLEETWOOD V-8: Cadillac’s non-limousine style Fleetwood model carried the “Sixty Special” designation in script below the Cadillac crest on the sides of the front fenders. “Fleetwood” also appeared on the rear face of the deck lid. Solid chrome exhaust extension trim moldings were set ino the rear fenders.
SERIES 75 FLEETWOOD V-8: Side trim on the long-wheelbase Fleetwood models was about the same as 1955, except for the addition of exhaust extension moldings on the rear fender. This trim ran along a tapering conical flare from above the wheel housing to the rear bumper. “Fleetwood” in script appeared on the deck lid, and limousine-like styling was still used. Changes in grilles and bumpers conformed to those used with other series. Both the regular Fleeetwood and Limousine models had auxiliary seats, and the Imperial sedan again featured a glass driver’s partition.


Series 60-62-75 V-8. Overhead valves. Cast Iron Block. Displacement: 365 CID. Bore and stroke: 4.00″ x 3.625″. Compression ratio: 9.75:1. Horsepower: 285 @ 4600 RPM. Torque: 400 @ 2800 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetor: Carter WCFB four-barrel, Model 2370S.
Series Eldorado V-8. Overhead valves. Cast Iron Block. Displacement: 365 CID. Bore and stroke: 4.00″ x 3.625″. Compression ratio: 9.75:1. Horsepower: 305 @ 4700 RPM. Torque: 400 @ 2800 RPM. Five main bearings. Hydraulic valve lifters. Carburetor: Carburetors: Two (2) Carter WCFB four-barrel, Model 2371S.

Engine Options and Availability

  • List Any Options here

Power Train Options

  • Hydra-Matic automatic transmission was standard except on Series 75.
  • The 305 horsepower Eldorado engine was available in other models at extra cost.
  • Dual exhaust system standard.
  • Rear axle ratios: Standard 3.36:1, Optional 3.07:1

Body Paint Color Codes

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Other Significant Options

  • Air conditioning.
  • Autronic eye automatic headlamp dimmer. E-Z-Eye safety glass.
  • Gold finish grille.
  • Heating and ventilation system.
  • Posture power adjustable seat on convertible, DeVilles and Series 60S only.
  • Power seat, six-way  ($97). Standard for Eldorado
  • Power seat, two-way posture ($81).
  • Power window lifts (specific models).
  • Signal-seeking radio with pre-selector and antenna.
  • White sidewall tires.

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