The Abbott-Detroit was an American luxury automobile brand based in Detroit, Michigan, established in 1909 by Charles Abbott and financed by J. Frank Alderman. Renowned for crafting high-quality and stylish vehicles, Abbott-Detroit competed in the luxury market during the early 20th century. The company faced financial challenges and changed ownership in 1916 when it was acquired by Jerome Increase Case. Despite efforts to integrate it into Case’s industrial empire, Abbott-Detroit struggled financially, leading to the cessation of production in the early 1920s. The brand is remembered for its brief yet noteworthy presence in the automotive industry, contributing high-end cars during a transformative period in the American automobile market.

1909 – 1919

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1916 Abbott-Detroit Six Touring Car Ad 1
1916 Abbott-Detroit Six Touring Car Ad 1, View19166-44 8-80 abbot-detroitprint-ad
1916 Abbott-Detroit Six Touring Car Ad 2
1916 Abbott-Detroit Six Touring Car Ad 2, View19166-44 8-80 abbot-detroitprint-ad

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