AC Cars, a British automaker with a rich history dating back to 1901, is best known for producing the iconic AC Cobra. Founded as Auto Carriers Ltd., the company initially focused on manufacturing three-wheeled delivery vehicles. Over the years, AC Cars transitioned to producing sports cars and gained international acclaim with the introduction of the AC Ace, which later served as the basis for the legendary AC Cobra. The AC Cobra, a collaboration with Carroll Shelby, became an emblem of high-performance sports cars, combining a lightweight chassis with powerful American V8 engines. AC Cars has experienced various ownership changes, but the legacy of the Cobra endures as one of the most celebrated and influential sports cars in automotive history. Today, AC Cars continues to produce limited-edition vehicles, staying true to its heritage of craftsmanship and performance.

1904 –  Present

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SCI July 1958 - AC Aceca Bristol
SCI July 1958 – AC Aceca BristolView1958aceca ac-carsarticle
SCI August 1956 - Reliable AC Ace
SCI August 1956 – Reliable AC AceView1956article
1958 Ac Cars Print Ad "Lead with your Ace!"
1958 Ac Cars Print Ad “Lead with your Ace!”View1958ace ac-carsprint-ad

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