ALCO, or the American Locomotive Company, was primarily known for its production of steam locomotives, but it did briefly dabble in the production of steam-powered cars in the early 20th century. The company was a major player in the steam locomotive industry, producing a wide range of locomotives for both freight and passenger service.

In the early 1900s, ALCO experimented with steam-powered automobiles, viewing them as a potential expansion of their business. However, the venture into automobile production was short-lived and relatively unsuccessful compared to their locomotive endeavors. ALCO’s steam cars faced stiff competition from gasoline-powered vehicles, which were becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and lower operating costs.

Despite their innovative designs and engineering prowess, ALCO’s steam cars failed to gain significant traction in the market, and the company eventually shifted its focus back to its core business of manufacturing locomotives. Today, ALCO is primarily remembered for its contributions to the railroad industry rather than its brief foray into automobile production.

1906 – 1913

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1911 ALCO Ad "It Stays New!"
1911 ALCO Ad “It Stays New!”, , , , , View1911alco forty model-16 model-22 sixty three-tonprint-ad
1912 ALCO Ad "A Daring New Berline"
1912 ALCO Ad “A Daring New Berline”, , View1912alco four-alco six-alco-2print-ad

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