Allstate autos refer to a short-lived venture by the American insurance company Allstate to manufacture and sell automobiles. In the mid-1950s, Allstate introduced a line of compact cars that were essentially rebadged versions of Henry J cars produced by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation. These Allstate automobiles were sold exclusively through Allstate insurance agents as a strategy to diversify the company’s offerings and reach new markets. The Allstate cars were basic and affordable transportation, featuring a compact design and economical four-cylinder engines. Despite the company’s best efforts, the venture did not achieve significant success, and production ceased in 1954. The Allstate autos are now a curiosity in automotive history, reflecting a unique chapter where an insurance company briefly entered the car manufacturing business.

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1952 Allstate Postcard
1952 Allstate Postcard, View1952allstate sedanpost-card

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