Borgward was a German automobile manufacturer that played a notable role in the mid-20th-century automotive landscape. Founded by Carl F. W. Borgward in 1929, the company became known for producing a range of innovative and stylish vehicles. Borgward cars, such as the Isabella and Hansa models, gained popularity for their modern designs and solid engineering. The Isabella, introduced in the late 1950s, was a particular success, showcasing a distinctive style and advanced features for its time. However, financial difficulties led to Borgward’s bankruptcy in 1961, marking the end of its automobile production. Despite the brand’s relatively short-lived existence, Borgward remains a significant part of German automotive history, admired for its contributions to design and technology during an era of rapid post-war industrial development. In recent years, there have been efforts to revive the Borgward brand, with new models introduced to the market.

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SCI November 1956 - Borgward Builds a Hot One
SCI November 1956 – Borgward Builds a Hot OneView1956article
SCI July 1956 - Buyers' Guide to the Light Cars
SCI July 1956 – Buyers’ Guide to the Light CarsView1956metropolitan amccomparison-article

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