Crosley Motors, based in the United States, was an innovative and compact car manufacturer that operated from 1939 to 1952. Founded by industrialist Powel Crosley Jr., the company aimed to provide affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles during the pre- and post-World War II period. Crosley cars were known for their compact size, lightweight construction, and economical engines. The Crosley Hotshot, introduced in 1949, was a notable sports car and one of the first post-war American models designed specifically for performance. Despite its innovation and early successes, Crosley Motors faced stiff competition and financial challenges, leading to the cessation of automobile production in 1952. While short-lived, Crosley’s impact on the automotive industry is remembered for its focus on compact cars and the introduction of unique models that anticipated the demand for smaller, more efficient vehicles in subsequent decades.

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SCI July 1956 - the PBX Crosley Special
SCI July 1956 – the PBX Crosley SpecialView1956article

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