DAF, a Dutch automobile manufacturer founded in 1950, gained prominence for its innovative approach to automotive engineering and design. Initially focusing on commercial vehicles, DAF later expanded into the production of passenger cars. One of DAF’s most notable innovations was its development of the Variomatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) system, introduced in the late 1950s. This revolutionary transmission system offered smooth and efficient power delivery, setting DAF apart from its competitors. In the 1970s, DAF introduced the DAF 66, a compact car featuring the Variomatic transmission, which gained popularity in Europe. The company faced financial challenges in the late 1970s and was eventually acquired by Volvo in 1975. While DAF passenger car production ceased in the late 1970s, the brand’s legacy lives on in its contributions to automotive technology, particularly in the field of transmission systems.

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SCI December 1958 - DAF 1959 Economy Car
SCI December 1958 – DAF 1959 Economy CarView1959article
RT July 1959 - DAF Technical Analysis
RT July 1959 – DAF Technical AnalysisView1959technical-analysis

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