The Doble Detroit was an innovative automobile manufactured by the Doble Steam Motors Corporation in Detroit, Michigan, during the early 20th century. Founded by brothers Abner and John Doble, the company aimed to revolutionize the automotive industry with their advanced steam-powered cars. The Doble Detroit, introduced in 1920, featured a sophisticated steam engine design that offered smooth and silent operation, as well as rapid acceleration. These cars were renowned for their high performance and reliability, attracting wealthy and influential customers. Despite their technological advancements and accolades, including setting a speed record for steam-powered vehicles, the Doble Detroit faced stiff competition from gasoline-powered cars, ultimately leading to the demise of the company in the late 1920s. Though short-lived, the Doble Detroit remains a fascinating chapter in automotive history, representing an era when steam power briefly vied with internal combustion engines for dominance on the roads.

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