Elfin Sports Cars, an Australian manufacturer, has a storied history in motorsport and bespoke automobile craftsmanship. Founded in the late 1950s by Garrie Cooper, Elfin gained recognition for its dedication to producing high-performance racing cars and road-legal sports cars. Renowned for their lightweight construction, superb handling, and agility, Elfin cars quickly became favorites among racing enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. The company’s success in motorsport, particularly in Australian Formula Junior and Formula 2 racing, solidified its reputation as a leading manufacturer of competitive racing machines. Despite changes in ownership over the years, Elfin has maintained its commitment to performance and craftsmanship, continuing to produce limited-production sports cars tailored for driving enthusiasts. Today, Elfin cars are highly prized by collectors and racing aficionados for their racing pedigree, unique design, and exceptional performance on both road and track.


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2018 Elfin Magic Brochure
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