Inter-State Automobile Company was an American automobile manufacturer based in Muncie, Indiana, active from 1907 to 1909. Founded by Jonathan Dixon Maxwell and Charles Coward, the company produced small runabouts and touring cars. Inter-State automobiles were known for their quality construction and innovative features, including shaft drive systems and left-hand drive configurations. Despite their promising start, Inter-State struggled to compete with larger manufacturers and ceased production in 1909. Today, Inter-State automobiles are rare collectors’ items, cherished for their historical significance in the early days of the American automotive industry.

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1910 Inter-State Torpedo Postcard "Forty"
1910 Inter-State Torpedo Postcard “Forty”View1910post-card
1910 Inter-State Forty Roadster Postcard "Model 32"
1910 Inter-State Forty Roadster Postcard “Model 32”View1910post-card

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