The K-R-I-T automobile was an early American automobile produced by the Southern Motor Works based in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was founded by Joseph E. Johnson and Albert L. Rucker in 1909. The name “K-R-I-T” was derived from the initials of the founders’ last names.

K-R-I-T automobiles were known for their quality construction and performance, particularly in the early years of the automotive industry. They offered a range of models, including touring cars, roadsters, and sedans, catering to different tastes and needs of the customers.

One of the notable features of K-R-I-T automobiles was their relatively affordable price compared to some other contemporary cars of the time. This made them accessible to a broader range of consumers, contributing to their popularity.

During its production run, K-R-I-T automobiles gained a reputation for reliability and durability, which helped establish the brand’s presence in the market. However, like many other early automobile manufacturers, the company faced challenges, including competition from larger automakers and economic fluctuations.

The production of K-R-I-T automobiles ceased in 1915, as the company struggled to compete with larger manufacturers and meet the changing demands of the automotive market. Despite its relatively short existence, K-R-I-T left a mark on the automotive industry, representing a part of the diverse landscape of early American car manufacturers. Today, K-R-I-T automobiles are sought after by collectors as vintage and historical vehicles.

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1913 K-R-I-T Postcard "Model K-R Roadster"
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