Klink Auto Company was a short-lived automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan, which operated from 1909 to 1912. The company was founded by a former Ford executive, J. Herbert Klink, who aimed to produce affordable automobiles for the mass market.

Klink produced a line of vehicles ranging from touring cars to roadsters, focusing on simplicity and reliability rather than flashy features. Their automobiles were known for their rugged construction and were marketed as dependable transportation options.

Despite their efforts, Klink Auto Company struggled to compete with larger, more established manufacturers in Detroit. The company faced financial difficulties and ultimately ceased production in 1912, after only a few years in operation.

While Klink automobiles are relatively obscure today, they represent a part of the early automotive industry’s history, showcasing the challenges faced by smaller manufacturers in the competitive Detroit market during the early 20th century.

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MT January 1963 - Klink touring in four colors
MT January 1963 – Klink touring in four colorsView1963article

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