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It’s been a month since my last blog. In that time we’ve had the Christmas and New Year celebrations and a lot of changes here at Wild About Cars. First, I’ve been appointed (as in I volunteered !) to temporarily be the Daily News and Features Editor. This new set of tasks prompted me to buy a new computer over the holidays. There were screaming deals and I got a really powerful desktop machine. This should allow me to be more efficient and timely when it comes to searching for news and placing it on the site. The only drawback is that it postpones the purchase of those twin 500 cfm Edelbrock carbs for the dual quad manifold for the 442. Oh well — spring will soon be here! We will name a permanent Editor in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Next, we’ve formed several new committees within the membership of WAC. They are the Brand Managers/Content Committee — made up of those WAC members who will help out in adding to brand content on the site. The Events Committee — made up of WAC members who will help identify, coordinate and participate in automotive events around the country. We’re looking at the Back To The Bricks event — for example. If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to be on any of these committees, send me an email

We are also expanding our efforts to cross-publicize car clubs for every brand and make them within brands. If you are a member of a brand club, drop us a note with the contact for the club. We want to place them in our listings and trade links with them.

Finally, you’re going to start seeing more member surveys in our newsletters and site. We want to get your input about what you like and want on the site. This will include everything from articles, technical content, member car features, advertisers, and anything in between. Wild About Cars (Now Automotive History Preservation Society) are your site and we want to be the best automotive site around. So don’t be shy.

Talk to everyone soon — Craig

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