NSU Motorenwerke AG, founded in 1873 in Germany, initially focused on producing knitting machines before transitioning to motorcycles and eventually automobiles. NSU became known for its innovative engineering and technological advancements in the automotive industry. The company’s notable achievements include producing the first Wankel rotary engine-powered car, the NSU Ro80, which was praised for its groundbreaking design and performance. NSU also gained recognition in motorsport, particularly in motorcycle racing, where it achieved numerous victories. Despite facing financial difficulties in the 1960s, NSU’s legacy lives on through its contributions to automotive engineering and its impact on the development of modern vehicles. In 1969, NSU merged with Auto Union to form Audi NSU Auto Union AG, which later became Audi AG, a prominent member of the Volkswagen Group.

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CD February 1965 – THE WANKEL NSU SPIDERView1965road-test

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