Reeves was a British automotive manufacturer that operated from 1904 to 1908, based in Manchester, England. Founded by John Henry Reeves, the company produced a range of cars, including luxury vehicles and commercial automobiles. Reeves cars were known for their innovative engineering and quality craftsmanship, attracting attention for their reliability and performance. Despite its relatively short production run, Reeves made a significant impact in the early automotive industry, contributing to the advancement of automobile technology and design. Today, Reeves automobiles are rare collectibles, prized by enthusiasts for their historical significance and unique engineering. While the company ceased operations over a century ago, its legacy lives on through the handful of remaining Reeves cars that continue to captivate automotive historians and collectors.

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1911 Reeves Ad "The Reeves Octoauto"
1911 Reeves Ad “The Reeves Octoauto”View1911print-ad
1911 Reeves Ad "The Reeves Sextoauto"
1911 Reeves Ad “The Reeves Sextoauto”View1911print-ad

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