Singer Motors Limited, a British automobile manufacturer established in 1905, holds a significant place in automotive history for its innovative engineering and iconic vehicles. Initially producing bicycles and motorcycles, Singer transitioned to automobile production in the early 20th century, quickly gaining a reputation for producing reliable and affordable cars. Singer cars were known for their sturdy construction, advanced features, and elegant design, making them popular choices among British motorists. The company’s most famous model, the Singer Nine, introduced in the 1930s, became synonymous with British motoring heritage, prized for its performance and charm. Despite facing challenges during the tumultuous years of World War II and the post-war era, Singer continued to produce cars until 1970 when it ceased operations. Today, Singer cars are cherished by collectors worldwide for their classic styling and contribution to automotive history.

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1964 Rootes Range of cars "Humber spells luxury..."
1964 Rootes Range of cars “Humber spells luxury…”View1964print-ad

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