Sports Car Graphic – March 1967

Cover Information

Both photos are by PPC with Phot Director Bob D’Olivo shooting the Shelby  GT500 and Gt350 in the top frame, and Fred Enke the Camaro Z-28 below.

Inside this Issue

Road Test

  • Shelby Mustangs GT350 & GT500 Pg. 32

Track Tests

  • Camaro Z-28 Pg. 50
  • Repco Brabham-DAF Varioma Pg. 59


  • Psychologists & the Race Driver Pg. 36
  • The Jensen FF Pg. 43
  • European Rally Championship Pg.44
  • Skid School Pg. 46
  • Formula Forcast Pg.48


  • Preparing Your Hot Engine: Part 3 Pg. 40
  • Gurney-Weslake Formula One Engine Pg. 52
  • Rally Counters Pg.62
  • Airflow and the Automobile Pg.64


  • South African Grand Prix Pg. 24


  • Editorial Pg. 6
  • International Calendar Pg.8
  • Washington Report Pg. 10
  • European Dateline Pg. 14
  • Around the World in 30 Days Pg.18
  • Letters Pg.22
  • New Products Pg. 68
  • Rally Scene Pg. 81
  • Advertisers’ Index Pg. 81
  • Slightly Modified Pg.82

Issue Donated by: Lou Dav

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