Sports Cars Illustrated – November 1957

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  • Aston Martin DB 2/4 Mark Ill p 24
  • A Hotter Volvo p 38


  • Helmet Design, Comfort or Survival: Test Series number 2, “G” Impact – by Griff Borgeson p16
  • Counterfeiter by Royal Command: Rex Hays, model maker extraordinary – by Dennis May   p 18
  • 200 mph In a Sports Car? A blueprint for top speed – by Roger Huntington  S.A.E. p 40
  • Confessions of an Egg Owner: The problems of lsetta ownership by – Brown Meggs p 42


  • Tread Lightly on Me! The 2.3 L Alfa Romeo – by Griff Borgeson p 30


  • Where Were the Europeans? The Monza 500 – by Jesse Alexander p 12
  • Straight Scotch and the 24-hour Jag. Le Mans 1957 – by Jesse Alexander  p 28
  • You’ve Got to Know the “Ring”. Aston Martin takes the big one – by Jesse· Alexander p 44


  • Consistent Champion, Part II – by Karl Ludvigsen p 22
  • Time Was No Object. Herb Jordan Formula III Special – by Ed Monroe p 32


  • Letters p 5
  • Very Sincerely Yours p 6
  • Technotes p 11
  • Under the Hood p 10

Issue Donated by: Roy Ilse

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