Sterns-Knight was an American luxury automobile manufacturer that operated from 1911 to 1932. Founded by John North Willys, the company was known for its innovative sleeve-valve engines, which offered smoother and quieter operations compared to conventional poppet-valve engines. Sterns-Knight cars were prized for their refinement, advanced engineering, and luxurious appointments, making them popular choices among affluent buyers during the Roaring Twenties. The brand’s flagship model, the Sterns-Knight Model H, featured elegant styling, spacious interiors, and a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship. Despite initial success, Sterns-Knight faced challenges during the Great Depression, leading to its eventual closure in 1932. Today, Sterns-Knight automobiles are rare collectibles, cherished by enthusiasts for their engineering ingenuity and historical significance in the automotive industry.

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1927 Stearns-Knight Ad "Produced in limited quantities..."
1927 Stearns-Knight Ad “Produced in limited quantities…”View1927print-ad
1928 Stearns-Knight Ad "Expressing a new note..."
1928 Stearns-Knight Ad “Expressing a new note…”View1928print-ad

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