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By Craig Sparkes

My responsibility here at Wild About Cars (Now Automotive History Preservation Society) keeps me in constant contact with the advertisers and potential vendors who want to advertise on the site. One thing that really hits home is how very much alive is our auto enthusiast’s hobby. Members’ interests run from Classic cars, muscle cars, trucks, and drifters, to a wide range of new model “muscle cars”. The vendor community has seen that interest and provides virtually everything imaginable to support us. Just a quick browse through the main sections of the site (and we have more than 38,000 pages !) will find ads for tires, exhaust systems, wiring, interiors, car care products, insurance, a huge inventory of parts suppliers, stencils, hi-performance shops, and even books and literature suppliers for our hobby, Soon, you’ll be able to purchase the current month’s issue of your favorite car magazine through our Digital Newsstand.

The complementary part of this activity is the increasing amount of new technical and factory publications being added to our library. We’ve just started loading in Datsun/Nissan materials and a new NorCal Z club will soon be online.

Want even more reasons to visit the site often!! We’ve now placed links to internet forums and parent clubs for your favorite car manufacturer and brand. No more searching around, just click on the “Forums” or “Clubs” link in the brand box and you’ll find them all.

So here’s what you’ll be seeing from me and my blog in the coming weeks. I’ll be writing about the latest from our advertiser community -deals, discounts, and new products. I’ll also be talking about our hobby and all the exciting parts of it. And most importantly try and post about those things that interest you – our members. You can see from my icon that I like cars from a lot of different manufacturers. So drop me a line at and tell me what you’d like to see me talk about. Keep it to cars, please. Let’s leave politics, Hollywood, and sex to other sites!!

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