The Tucker Corporation, founded by Preston Tucker in 1944, aimed to revolutionize the automotive industry with innovative design and engineering. The company’s flagship model, the Tucker 48 (also known as the Tucker Torpedo), was ahead of its time, featuring groundbreaking safety features, such as a padded dashboard, pop-out safety windshield, and a center headlight that turned with the steering wheel for improved visibility. Additionally, the Tucker 48 boasted a rear-mounted engine, fully independent suspension, and a sleek, aerodynamic design. Despite considerable interest and anticipation, production challenges, financial difficulties, and legal battles ultimately led to the demise of the Tucker Corporation after building only 51 cars. Nevertheless, the Tucker 48 remains an icon of American automotive ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, cherished by collectors and enthusiasts for its innovative features and limited production numbers.

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CL January 1969 - TUCKER'S TIN GOOSE Pigeon or Flimflam?
CL January 1969 – TUCKER’S TIN GOOSE Pigeon or Flimflam?View

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