Wills Sainte Claire was an American luxury automobile manufacturer that operated from 1921 to 1927 in Marysville, Michigan. Founded by industrialist and inventor C. Harold Wills, who previously worked with Henry Ford, the company aimed to produce high-quality, luxury automobiles that rivaled the offerings of established brands like Cadillac and Packard. Wills Sainte Claire cars were known for their advanced engineering, innovative features, and attention to detail, boasting powerful engines, sophisticated chassis designs, and luxurious interiors. Despite initial success and critical acclaim, the company faced financial difficulties and struggled to compete with larger automakers. Production ceased in 1927, and only a few hundred Wills Sainte Claire cars were ever produced. Despite its relatively short existence, Wills Sainte Claire remains a fascinating chapter in automotive history, revered by enthusiasts for its unique designs and contributions to early automotive engineering.

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CL February 1967 - Wills Sainte Claire
CL February 1967 – Wills Sainte ClaireView1954retrospective

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